Pearl Fishing in Kuwait

Arab gulf populations were attached to the sea in the old days as it was the primary source of income. Kuwait knew the sea since its emerging; the first men made ships with different shapes and types. Kuwaitis have worked in pearl fishing since the old times, and it played an important role in the Kuwaitis economic life, and it was a fundamental source of income.

The diving season starts from May to September every year, which is four months, and it ends in the 22nd of September each year, when the night is equal to the day and the sea becomes cold, and the end of the diving is called (The Lock), which is always like an awesome art still, where all the ships come back and families stand on the shore waiting their relatives who are returning from a long journey where they got tired and tolerated hardships, so they give them a warm welcome with happiness and tears of joy.

Kuwait lies on the shore of the Arab gulf where it has a geographical location  that allows it to work in the sea, and indeed a lot of Kuwaitis have had their lives relied on working in marine navigation which was inherited from their Kuwaiti ancestors as they used to cruise with their ships on the Arab gulf ports and the Indian ocean to transport goods and trades, which was commonly known as travelling, and they used to transport people and bring water to the country if there is a drought, and they used to fish and transport the building materials like marine rocks in addition to diving for pearl fishing which had an immense role in economic development in the Arab gulf region at this time i.e. before discovery of petroleum.

Media team “BEATONA” visited “Al-Khuzzairan” coastal center and went to the open sea to cover the launch of the 27th memory cruise of diving on the 6th of August 2015 by the participation of 12 ships, of which 5 were gifted by the Shiek Jaber Al-Ahmed AlSabah – may god bless his soul- which consists of (one batiel, one boom, one galboot, two shouei and one senbook) by participation of UAE and Bahraini Kingdom and around 170 people.