Awards of the ESRI Institute


The EPA has won several awards from ESRI, including the President's Leadership Award for pioneering work and the establishment of eMISK, which facilitates the management of environmental data and information in the State of Kuwait. The award was handed over to Mr. Jacques Dangermund (Founder and President of ESRI, ESRI, USA) at the ESRI International User Conference held in San Diego, California (23-27 July 2012). The award is recognized and recognized by a leading global institute for the efforts of the General Authority for Environment in the field of geographic data GIS.


The above-mentioned geospatial data plays an important role in the success of government institutions and bodies in the management of the environment. ESRI has presented the annual award to the General Environment Authority for its outstanding work on establishing the eMISK. And the creation of the portal, which provides easy access to all environmental data and information in Kuwait using the latest GIS technologies and applications.


The GISRA Prize for Geographic Information Systems 2010


GIS Achievement Award - Ezri Users Conference - San Diego - Caligornia 2010 


Leadership Award for Entrepreneurship - San Diego, California 2011